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Chemical Machining

Chemical Machining

Chemical machining is more cost-effective than many traditional machining methods.

Chemical machining is primarily used for mass-production operations. It is a commonly used process in the manufacturing of computer parts, electronics and small machine parts. It is a highly cost-effective process that is used in many different industries.

Chemical machining is preferred to traditional machining methods for a variety of reasons. As previously mentioned, cost is a major factor as this process can cost a mere fraction of the cost for traditionally machined parts. This is especially true if the tooling ever needs to be reworked, as this process can cost thousands of dollars if done with standard machining practices.

Chemical machining is also less destructive to the material that is traditional machining. The standard machining process tends to generate high amounts of heat, which can cause problems, especially with very small, thin parts. However, chemical milling generates very little heat, comparatively, making ideally suited for this type of work.