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Electroplating is used to apply thin layers of one metal over another metal.

Electroplating is the process of using electric current to apply a thin layer of one metal to another. This is usually done to give an object a desired characteristic, whether that be wear resistance, corrosion protection, or simply because it looks good. It is commonly used throughout a variety of industries.

Electroplating an item requires immersing an anode (the plating material) and a cathode (the item to be plated) into an electrolyte solution and applying direct current. The anode is connected to the positive and the cathode is connected to the negative. The current oxidizes the atoms of the anode and transfers these atoms to the cathode via the electrolyte.

Electroplating is a common practice in many industries. The auto industry uses the process for everything from creating better wear resistant engine parts to creating chrome accents and bumpers. Jewelers often use this process to create platinum jewelry, which can only be done through plating.