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Photo Milling

Photo Milling

Photo milling is a very precise way to manufacture complex metal components.

Photo milling is a much more cost effective and convenient method of manufacturing small metal components for virtually any machine of electronic device. It is a very precise process, which makes it ideal for creating parts that require extraordinarily high tolerances. It is also ideally suited for making parts that would otherwise be impossible using standard machining methods.

Photo milling has several advantages over traditional machining. As previously mentioned, it is ideally suited to complex designs and shapes. In fact, complicated forms can be made just as easily as more basic shapes using this process.

Photo milling also allows for any design changes to be done much faster and with less effort. Unlike standard machining, where design changes require retooling and machine adjustments, photo machining simply requires the changes be made to the film. This is often just a matter of a few keystrokes on a computer.